Review for SunLux

Ventura CA Resident Ventura, CA

SunLux Exceptional Expertise/ Installation

My experience with SunLux was outstanding. We experienced Exceptional Expertise in Customer Service, Project Management and Installation. Chris Dillard was my initial point of contact. Chris provided an outstanding presentation both on paper and online explaining all of the detail of solar panels, the components, and the software that calculates the exact position of each panel based upon the exact path of the sun over the 365 day year utilizing the exact location of my home using GPS and over 1,000 drone photos. He also promptly called me back with all of my questions that came up. Chris provided excellent, professional, prompt customer service. Bonnie Torres provided above and beyond excellent, professional, prompt customer service, often multiple times per day, during all hours of the day, including evenings and weekends beyond normal business hours. I can not say enough about Bonnie’s knowledgeable expertise on all facets and components of the project, all while juggling many members of the SunLux team that performed installation at my home. In addition, she continuously was in contact with the city of Ventura in regard to the final approval of my SunLux Solar components, and she expedited the final approval with Edison, our power company for Ventura County and much of California. Without Bonnie’s relentless communication with the City of Ventura, I believe the final approval process it would have taken much longer, as I have heard of from other neighbors, friends and colleagues that have had solar installed at their homes. Again, I am so grateful that Bonnie was our Project Manager, as that is such a critical, focal point in the success of any project. Lastly, Jessica Britzman - Engineer Who Mapped the Panals and our entire System, including SolarEdge, provided excellent, professional, prompt customer service. I would recommend anyone that is considering solar power for their home to compare three competitors to SunLux when making a final decision on which company to choose for their home solar solution. It will become evident by the expertise of SunLux in Customer Service, Project Management and Installation that SunLux will be the superior choice.

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System size (kW): 7.04

Year installed: 2022