Review for Atlantic Key Energy

Office location: 431 Luna Bella Lane, New Smyrna Beach FL, 32168

Suzy Deland, FL

Taken for a ride

Do not use this company. I feel like I was sold a bill of goods. To make a long, and painful story short, salesman promised us 107% energy independence with their product. We have had the panels for nine months of full use and have never had over 58% energy independence. We've only had two months where we paid Duke for only fees and taxes. We are supposed to be accumulating credits to offset any energy we used from Duke, this does not seem to be happening on a regular basis, or at all from what I can tell. Recently they sent someone out with a drone to do a system checkup, and are now telling me they need six months of data before making any decisions. I have a 1340 sq. ft. house, with 33 panels on four sides of my roof. We have a sunny yard, front and back, which is what made us a target for their product. On top of paying $171.97 per month for panels, my recent electric bill was $103.34, making my pay out for power just short of $300.00. I never paid any where near that amount for power before. On top of this, we were told of the $14000.00 tax credit we would be receiving, off setting our cost of $53000.00 plus. When I filed for taxes for the 2021 year, we only received a little over $1200.00 tax credit and were informed we would receive the balance with our 2022 taxes. So since I did not receive the entire amount of tax credit this year, I will have to come up with this amount to add to the remainder I receive next year to pay AKE the total tax credit money. I am now corresponding with a representative from a company called Lumio, which has apparently taken over AKE. I want this over and done with. I want my panels to perform they way they were promised or I want them gone. I will post again once all of this is, or isn't resolved.

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System size (kW): 18.94

System price: $53,000

Year installed: 2021

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes