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Office location: 12705 Kirkwood Road Suite 150, Stafford TX, 77477

Andre Wesley Houston, TX

Terrible company

First off turn away and run. It's been over a year and I ordered a back up generator. They have sent us an partial refund and a bs just made spread sheet talking about a fee. But the place that finance us show it is not the right amount and they did not pay anything towards our generator. The finance company told us they talked to victory and once they refund the rest I will edit this review to reflect the good part of their service. Victory was informed on the July 20th and have not responded yet. Victory know they owe more and they are now using new president of company to delay refund and think we will forget. How can anyone trust a company that does their veterans customers like this. Ok today victory called and said they would pay the remainder of the balance over a 20 year period. No you did not produce the product. And I'm not waiting for 20 years for a refund. They owe many others and trying to get out of this. Straight crooks stay away from them. Today 9-10 victory called me and the guy told me he was new management and to go fuck myself. Is this who you want to deal with. Smh

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 50.34

System price: $20,000

Year installed: 2020

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes

Victory Solar reply 09/13/2022
Good Morning Mr. Wesley, Thank you for your comments. You're certainly entitled to them just as Victory Solar is entitled the courtesy of a reply to address your comments and set the record straight. On June 21, 2021, you entered into an agreement between Victory Solar (the contractor) and GoodLeap (the financing company). That agreement obligated VS to install solar panels. In exchange for those commitments, you agreed to a financing package with GL for the price of the solar and the solar installation, which also included the installation of a generator that was included as an incentive. You acknowledged Victory Solar was not a generator installer and that Victory Solar would do its best to maintain a quick installation date. Subsequent to the original transaction, and at your request, VS agreed to reimburse you for the cost of the generator and the installation because according to you, VS had not lived up to their obligation to install the generator. VS in its good faith determined the amount of the generator and the installation to be $12,000 and reimbursed you with a $12,000 check which you cashed. Since then, you've alleged VS owes you more money. On more than one occasion we have spoken about this with you. We have even offered to arrange for the installation of the generator in exchange for the $12,000 we handed over to you. You've repeatedly refused our offer, not allowing us the opportunity to perfect the agreement we entered into last year. We even extended other creative ideas to address your concerns, those being refused by you as well. I'm not quite sure what more VS can do. Best regards, Victory Solar