Review for SunPower

R & C Residence Las Vegas, NV

Better Solar with Sunpower

Todays Energy Store provided us with a Sunpower X-360 panel System. Marc Hale was more than happy to answer all of our questions during the time while we were shopping for a system and went above and beyond to explain everything that we needed to know to make a decision to purchase our system. Marc worked with us all the way thru from engineering to permiting to installation and system startup. He and his staff were very professional in their approach to providing us with an excellent system. We would highly recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing solar for their home.

System size (kW): 10.8

Who installed your solar panels?: Sunpower by Today's Energy Store

Year installed: 2022

SunPower reply 09/14/2022
We appreciate you letting us know how Mark and the team did. We're glad to hear that you received great service. Thanks for helping us change how our world is powered.