Review for Smart Wave Solar

Office location: 14553 S 790 W Suite C, Bluffdale UT, 84065

XHua Pleasant Grove, UT

You may still pay utility company every month

A lot of the reviews here about the sales or installation process. The level of professionalism is great. However, I didn't pay tens of thousands of dollars just to get an easy installation. The company kept calling me, asking me to write a review right after installation. I resisted because I wanted to see if the panels eventually worked for me. What I really need is being free from paying utility bills. On that front, it's disappointing. They claim to have installed enough panels to satisfy my power consumption. They have also produced data to show that the production was indeed sufficient. Yet, I continue to pay utility bills EVERY SINGLE MONTH. In July, for example, I paid $72. This is NOT what I had in mind when I signed up the deal. Now, it appears the problem is that my local utility provider buys my extra power at a much lower price than what the provider charges me for the power I use. During the day, my panels produce extra power, but, in the evening, I consume power from the utility company. nobody bothered to point that to me. So, just be aware: you are NOT going to be free of utility bills even after you get the panels.

System size (kW): 8.8

Year installed: 2022