Review for Smart Wave Solar

Office location: 14553 S 790 W Suite C, Bluffdale UT, 84065

Kevin South Jordan, UT

Unable to get system fully functional

I received a call from one of Smart Wave’s top officials on 22 July. It was a greatly appreciated and much needed conversation based on numerous and lengthy issues with the installation of my system and the system not functioning fully. On 27 July, I received a visit from a Smart Wave employee to look into some of the issues with my system’s functionality. The visit resulted in the decision to re-locate the CTs of the system to the main panel, which is what I have been asking for since the day the sonnen battery was installed. Hopefully Smart Wave and Sonnen stay committed to getting my system fully functional so I stop buying power from Rocky Mountain Power every day. PREVIOUS POST - Equipment is installed, bank sent money to Smart Wave, and my system is not functioning properly. I’ve been trying to get smart wave to fix the problem since the fist of July, and it’s still not functioning properly. No one knows what’s going on. Sonnen doesn’t return phone calls or voicemails so they are of no help either. Bank expects their payment to start in a week, but why did the bank pay smart wave for a non-functioning system? The bank says they only care if the equipment is installed, not if it works! REALLY?! I have spent enough money on a non-functioning solar system, to pay for a new Tesla, and I am still buying power from Rocky Mountain Power every day!

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System size (kW): 21

System price: $73,865

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes