Review for Sun Badger Solar

Office location: 7840 12th Ave South, Bloomington MN, 55420

John Anderson Lakeville, MN


What made this process helpful was the sales consultant and the electrician! Sales guy Nick G was awesome! Always there and when I had a problem reached out to him and he got people involved to figure it out. He is also down to earth and understands what your looking for. Never tried to sell me garbage or stuff I didn’t need. Told him what I needed it to do and he made it happen. During install the electrician was awesome! He did some of the amazing work to make sure it looked better then it was before hand. I’m particular how I want things and he went above and beyond my standards. He hid made it look like it was supposed to be there from the start and his service was awesome. Cleaned up after himself apologized when he couldn’t clean it up better. Let us know when he was coming or going but the most important thing was he had good insight into the solar performance as he has his own. Overall I would work with this company again and recommend working with Nick G to help make it happen. I would don’t know all there electricians but I wouldn’t want anyone else beside the guy who installed mine. I can’t remember his name but definitely knows Customer service and having a professional finished product

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 9

Year installed: 2022