Review for Atlantic Key Energy

Office location: 431 Luna Bella Lane, New Smyrna Beach FL, 32168

Cindy B Cape Coral, FL

I'm a true victim

I honestly don't know where to begin with this agonizing nightmare. First of all I reached out to Atlantic key to try to resolve but no one has gotten back to me and I'm trying to close on my house this very minute!! Let's start with, when the sales rep showed up at our door I told him no thanks we're going to be moving within the year probably the next couple months and his face lit up and he said that's great doing this will cost you no money, reduce your monthly energy bill AND it'll add 6% value to the sale price of your home. Well that sounded good, I mean pay no money, trade an electric bill for a solar payment that was supposed to be less and then get more for my house when I sold it Seemed like he was right it was like a win-win Well obviously it didn't work out that way. Never was I told that a UCC/lean was going to be placed on my home so when I went to sell it the buyers title company informs me I have to pay $75,954 to this solar loan company before I can close on my house You could have knocked me over with a feather So I reached out to the salesman who said well just get the buyer to take over the loan I told him the buyer was an investor and had no desire or intentions of taking over a $75,000 loan So then he says, just take them with you Well that's great BUT I still have to pay $75,954 to remove the UCC then another $12,000 to remove the panels then the cost to transport them and then pay to have them reinstalled on a new house! Doesn't sound very cost-effective!! The fact that the salesman knew that I was moving and knew what I was going to run into but never said a word, in fact he said everything the opposite making me think that I was in a win-win situation Trust me I couldn't feel more stupid than I do right now but I got to feel like Florida has laws to protect even the stupid people like me from being taken advantage of Which I believe should be and is criminal Then the second big thing is that I have 44 panels on my house and guess what my house is only $1,400 ft² Plus I had told the salesman I just paid to have new windows new doors new blown-in attic insulation and all new duck work So my electric bill was going to be way lower than the past year's average seeing I just had all that done No problem he says If you have too many panels you can remove them Well guess what, that didn't work out that way either You can add panels but you can't remove them. You couldn't fit another panel on my roof if you wanted to So instead of starting off slow and then adding if needed he put the maximum amount on, charging me the maximum amount of money and then tells me I can't take any off Again I'm stupid but there's got to be laws to protect even the stupid. I'll update my review when and if this gets revolved For my own sanity I pray it does!

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System size (kW): 13.6

System price: $75,954

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes