Review for YSG Solar

Office location: 79 Madison Avenue 2nd Floor, New York NY, 10016

Howard F Tarrytown, NY

Poor Excuses for non performance

At first everything seemed to be going well and signed a contract on 12/15/22. I liked the proposal and the design it was of a better quality then others. The building permit was initially filed in March 2022. The Greenburgh building department asked for some more details in the drawing. I was told 1 month later that the permit was applied for again. After over a month, YSG did not know what the status of the permit was. I checked with the building department, and was told no permit was filed. I asked YSG what the was going on, and they said the business was acquired by Alpha Solar Group and the documents got lost in the shuffle and it would be taken care of right away. Two weeks later, I was told my installation date would be in 1 month on July 27th. The next day I checked again with the building department, and found that no permit was filed. I was told that they had an insurance issue, and would not bed able to file a permit for 30 to 45 days. On June 30th I spoke to the sales rep, Ken Decicco, and notified him that I am cancelling the contract for non performance, and requested a full refund. I also notified Chelsea at operations, requesting delivery notices and return receipts, neither of which were received. I paid YSG $11724 and have nothing for it.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule

System size (kW): 6.2

Year installed: 2022