Review for SunPower

JerryA Murrieta, CA

Outstanding SunPower Solar Installation

SunPower by Precis installed my solar system in December of 2021. I intentionally delayed writing this review until I had the opportunity to truly experience its performance. We now have 6+ months of system performance—and the performance is OUTSTANDING! So far, I have enjoyed three monthly utility billings that were actually $0. Projections are that I can run my A/C 24-hrs/day during the summer with a cost that is only one-third of what I was paying before solar. SunPower panels were favorably rated, have exceeded the expected (& guaranteed) output of power, and were carefully & professionally installed by Precis personnel. I was particularly impressed with the willingness of everyone, at Precis, to understand and fully answer any and all questions that arose during the selection and installation process. My panel arrays sit at a minimal height above the roof with most conduiting within the attic space—which minimizes unsightly conduit across peaks and roof surfaces.

System size (kW): 11.88

Who installed your solar panels?: Sunpower by Precis Solar

Year installed: 2021

SunPower reply 07/13/2022
Nothing cracks a smile quite like a low utility bill. We are so happy to hear of your savings and satisfaction with your SunPower system. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns in the future. Our team is always ready to help. It is always a pleasure seeing clients happy and confident with their results in choosing SunPower. Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!