Review for Sun Badger Solar

Andy Saint Francis, WI

I highly recommend Sun Badger Solar

My experience with Sun Badger Solar has been extremely positive. They exceeded expectations from beginning to end of the sales, installation and government/utility process. One of the significant factors in choosing Sun Badger is they have a comprehensive installation process that includes the planning, financing, working through all permitting, installation and monitoring. My time involvement after making the decision to go with Sun Badger for my installation was minimal - digital communications, a site visit, letting the installers into my house for each 3 days of installation and meeting the city inspector for about a half hour for his inspection. My understanding is that Sun Badger has its own installers do the vast majority of their installations. They actually had Home Team Electric perform my install. Home Team did a great job. I had 23 panels installed, plus had my panel upgraded from 100 amp to 200 amp. I have a detached garage, that panels were installed on, so Home Team also ran a wire for a 240 Volt EV charging port to the garage. This work included trenching and cutting a small amount of concrete. The installers did a great job of both planning and execution. Everything was completed in about 2.5 days, which included rain on 1.5 of the days. They left everything cleaner than they left it. The inspector had one small issue which was fixed within days of when the inspector came. The system was also approved by We Energies and then producing power within less than 2 weeks of installation. I chose the financing option that Sun Badger offered through Sunlight Financial as I did not have the funds available for a full solar project and electrical upgrades needed for the project I wanted to do. If you are not planning to sell your house for a while, I highly recommend this option. I received my first electric bill and my Sunlight Financial bill is already less than the savings on my energy bill. This is with the extra generating capacity I added to my system for a future electric car purchase, and the electrical upgrades that I included in the financing. One thing - I would not recommend getting capacity beyond use in the We Energies service area in Wisconsin, as they pay wholesale prices for the energy you sell back. When you see on an energy bill how little that is, you just shake your head. Once the system is installed, you can monitor production every day through the Sun Badger app on your phone - seeing how much each panel produces, production by 15 minute increments, daily, weekly and monthly production. It is cool to see. I found Sun Badger delivered completely on what I was sold in my initial Zoom meeting. Their representatives have been professional and communicative and very good at explaining the overall process step-by-step. If you are considering a home solar panel installation, I highly recommend Sun Badger Solar.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 8.74

System price: $48,000

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: No