Review for Titan Solar Power

DK North Fort Myers, FL

Amazing Company

My wife and I over the corse of a month in Cape Coral FL. received no less than 5 door knockers for solar which was kind of interesting in itself. We have had solar in the past and in fact have lived completely off the grid with a massive $200k system including 100 ground mounted panels, 48 battery’s, 30kw propane generator, inverters and controllers, 2k gallon propane tanks and absolutely loved the freedom of never dealing with the power company. Although it does have its challenges it was amazing saying good bye to the disgusting monopoly of the power company. I decided to sit down with three of the door knockers to hear there pitch and all I can say is holy molly high pressure sales tactics is an under statement in my own home, they would not take no for an answer and basically had to shoo them out of the house. I then proceeded to get three quotes from local companies via email so I did not have to deal with high pressure in home salesmen and they were comparable and look like great companies. A friend referred me to Titan and I got a quote from them over the phone and they were really to the point and matter of fact which I like, I loved there proposal and they were the only company that offered the 2.98 25 year, 5 year flex pay loan which will allow us to fully receive our federal rebate, not like the 18 months of all the other companies which I found out is a scam, you will not receive the full rebate in 18 months unless you make $100k plus a year and are expecting to receive that amount back in taxes. Titans price was a little higher because they were the only ones that offered the American made QCell 400 black on black panels we wanted and my sales guy easily matched the price of my local installers of lesser foreign made panels, did the Docusign and everything over the phone and three days later a Titan roof inspector showed up and a few weeks later four guys showed up and they had 32 panels installed and gone by 2pm. A week later the inspector showed up, approved the install, then a few days later the power company came out and swapped the meter and bam we were live and running. So grateful for going with Titan over the phone. They were professional and did everything as promised. As to all the bad reviews about this company we did not experience any of it as we only dealt with our sales rep and not Titan directly.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 15

Year installed: 2022