Review for Titan Solar Power

Office location: 525 West Baseline Road, Mesa AZ, 85210

Titansucks Austin, TX

Predatory marketing, lies, misinformation, incompetence

Predatory marketing practices, lies, misinformation, incompetence. The lie: 1. Titan said I wasn't going to have to pay for the system until it was installed but they started billing me for the system when the installation was half way done. 2. I asked for a solar system that would allow me to run the AC in the event that the Texas power grid fails. The system that I was sold by the sales team is not able to do this according to the electrician responsible for installing the battery systems. Predatory Marketing practices: Installation date for the panels was moved up and was completed before I was told about the battery situation. Now that the panels are on the house, I'm no longer able to cancel the installation. This means that I either am stuck with an installation that won't do what I asked, or am forced to pay more money to get more batteries so that the AC unit can be powered. Incompetence: The electrician said that I need a whole home backup system to keep the AC powered ( which is what I asked for ) but in trying to communicate this to several different people at Titan, they have no idea what that means. Initially they thought that the main panel upgrade was what I was complaining about and informed me that it was already scheduled. No, the MPU and a battery are not the same thing. They made no effort to find a correct answer to my issue. They never reached out to me with any answers for my concerns. Despite me repeating the problem with the installation several times I had to be the one that initiated contact every single time ( with the exception of when I filed a BBB complaint and they got the answer to that wrong too). One person even went so far as to say that there is not a battery in existence that can power an AC unit and that it would take 5 or 6 of them to do it. This is false. Tesla has clear public facing documentation for AC units that can be powered by a single powerwall with some installations needing 2. Lennox also has tailor made installations for making sure that AC units remained powered in the event that the grid fails.

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System size (kW): 3.95

System price: $37,747

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes