Review for Goldin Solar

Office location: 2937 SW 27th Avenue Suite 100A, Miami FL, 33133

JJ Fort Lauderdale, FL

Goldin came very short from expectations

I originally ordered panels in mid 2021 with installation expected by end of year 2021. After I signed the agreement communication suffered significantly. I constantly requested updates and information that I was not provided with. They would respond only when they wanted and only provide short responses and little to no information from what was requested. On top of the delays, after I signed and was offered an offset of over 95% with the approved panels, engineering came back to reduce the amount of panels, I still disagree with their assessment, asked to speak to engineering and was denied that opportunity. My installation was then delayed until 2022, and it wasn't until May 2022 when they finally completed pre work and permits. Even after they scheduled installation, only to realize they didn't even have the panels they knew they would need for my project; again delayed. During installation. Techs were friendly. Unfortunately they made unnecessary holes and other damages that they failed to properly repair even after multiple requests. Right now there's a current roof water leak causing interior damages that I've reported and hasn't been addressed at all; panels are still pending. Techs also left very dirty working areas, including trash and cigarette butts all around my property exterior; my wife and I had to pick up multiple times after them. Unfortunate, the entire experience has been very rocky, and although they say to be trying, their actions speak much louder than their short and sporadic words. as of today 6/2/2022 we're still waiting on interior wall damage repairs, interior water leak repairs, rook leak repairs, and even final panel installation. All of these were supposed to continue as of 6/1/2022 and have been no call no show twice now, with no response from anyone on the matter.

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System size (kW): 1579

System price: $41,373

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: No