Review for Titan Solar Power

Chris Scull Saint Petersburg, FL


We have had solar for over one year now and it has been an absolute awful experience. Upon installation Titan solar forgot to turn on our system and gave no instruction as to what to look for to ensure the solar was working. Finally someone was sent out to turn on the system after about two months and during the first year the system has stopped working for various reasons twice. This would not be a problem if Titan customer service would actually answer phone calls and send out technicians to fix the system in a timely manner. I am currently on the fourth week with no solar so my electric bill will be increasing while I get to continue pay for 32 solar panels that are sitting on my roof doing nothing. Before you respond with send an email, I have. I have also called four times and have been ignored. Customer service for this company is atrocious and there are too many solar companies for anyone to get stuck with Titian solar like I currently am for the next ten years. Run!

System size (kW): 1000

Year installed: 2020