Review for SunPower

John R. Sun City West, AZ

SunPower Solar....1 Year later

We have absolutely no regrets going solar. We feel we chose the best in the business from our system from our research about various companies, products lines, and local installers. Since it was a time in my life I actually had enough money to pay outright for the Solar system my feelings about the value and savings is more likely different than from those who are paying over a period of time for their system. Of course we realized immediate savings and benefits from Solar. The system works flawlessly with the exception of a module that had to be replaced a few months after install. Faulty parts are a possibility with any mechanical/electrical product. The happily surprising thing was the interaction between the Customer Service and myself over the faulty device. The findings were realized and a crew came out to replace the device in a timely manner. As far as the install, and interaction with the local installer, we were also more than satisfied with everything from initial contact, sales call, informative video call and install. The crew were thorough, courteous and quick to install the system. Questions I had were quickly answered by the Phoenix dealer; Greg Field at PGT Solar Solutions. By only disappointment is from the fact that the Battery Storage system is still so expensive. The industry wide issue of high cost for solar storage batteries hits every potential customer of any Solar System. The day the costs come to a more reasonable figure would be a day that I can truly say I am (100%/Plus) satisfied with going Solar! Cheers!

System size (kW): 10

Who installed your solar panels?: SunPower by PGT Solar

Year installed: 2021

SunPower reply 04/26/2022
It's terrific that you're 100%+ satisfied with your transition to solar. We sincerely appreciate the feedback and couldn't be happier with this glowing review. Thank you so much for choosing SunPower and helping us change the way the world is powered!