Review for Titan Solar Power

Office location: 525 West Baseline Road, Mesa AZ, 85210

Grumpy Old Man Tularosa, NM

I suspect that I was a victim of a predatory "bait and switch"

I am not suggesting that all Titan sales representative employ this sales method, nor do I suggest that Titan Solar Power condones this sales practice. I am not suggesting that the loan company, Good Leap is complicit in this predatory practice. On December 3, 2021, I electronically signed a purchase and installation agreement for $27,219.29 with Titan Solar. The monthly loan payment was to be $74.00. The sales representative in Southern New Mexico visited my property where he presented me with the loan agreement on my iPhone. His priority was to get me do an electronic signature on the agreement. After a site inspection on December 13, 2021 Titan decided to do a roof mount on my metal shop and trench the cable to the electrical pole. Over the next 4-5 months the monthly payment increased to $103.00 per month with an $8.00 per month fee to the electrical co-op for a total of $111.00 per month. My last three monthly electrical bills were $108.00, $110.00 and $112.00 respectively. No savings there. After 5 months I am still not connected to the solar system; however, the installation is complete. After the installation was completed on April 7, 2022, I received an email from Titan with a new Purchase agreement dated January 3, 2022 with a purchase price of $32,488.85. This agreement was NOT electronically signed by me. I had never seen it before but it had been electronically signed, presumably by the Titan sales representative. The interest rate on the loan from Good Leap of Portland, OR is 1.99% over the 25 year life of the loan which would mean another $9,000 added to the original loan amount for a grand total of $41,000. At 75 years old I do not expect to make it to 100 years old as I am a luekemia and prostrate cancer survivor. Just sharing my experience with those that might be considering Titan. Buyer beware.

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System size (kW): 6715