Review for SunPower

Robert N Palm Desert, CA

One year after installation

I have enjoyed the benefits of the solar panel installation and net metering for one year after going live in March 2021. In retrospect, I should have done it sooner after purchasing my home in 2017. After enduring SCE power bills in summer in excess of $600 and faced with increasing charges I decided to go forward and become a part of the solution rather than the problem of traditional electric power generation. I chose a low interest loan payment and my monthly payment is slightly less than my least expensive power bills I had paid before going solar. If you live in an area with generous yearly sunny days I would seriously recommend conversion to solar powered electrical generation for your home or business.

System size (kW): 6

System price: $28,735

Who installed your solar panels?: Renova Energy

Year installed: 2021

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes

SunPower reply 04/15/2022
We are thrilled to have earned your endorsement! Here at SunPower, we stand behind our product and customer service. Thank you so much for this glowing recommendation and for helping us change how our world is powered!