Review for SunPower

Sunpower is Awful Moraga, CA

Disastrous - avoid at all costs

Wow. Hired Sunpower June of 2021, and they came out to inspect before assuring me they could install and have power on quickly. They installed wrong, it doesn't work and I have 2 roof leaks with damaged shingles, and water damage to drywall. No target date as to when they think the panels might work, few responses, no returned calls. Hilarious. After working my way through a bunch of incompetent folks, Jeremy Bull offers to uninstall it all but only if I first indemnify them. Hilarious since obviously they lack the competence to complete a simple install, so can't imagine them fixing things right It's been 9 months as of writing this! Interviewing counsel now. Have a similar experience? Contact me to join class action.

System size (kW): 8.2

Who installed your solar panels?: SunPower Builders

Year installed: 2022