Review for SunCommon

Office location: 442 US-2, Waterbury VT, 05676

Jess Lloyd Essex Junction, VT

Fast install, slow responsiveness (WFH = 'barely work')

As far as I know my panels are high quality, and the technicians who installed the panels were fine and frankly, very efficient. However, this product was completely misrepresented and despite attempts to have any real sit-down discussion, this company left me hanging under the guise of "Zoom calls" and "remote work" - which from what my interactions seemed to be, meant barely working at all. It was impossible to get a hold of the sales person by just making a phone call. Getting a barrage of contracts and details only in digital format is not useful. And all my quotes for the product - now that I've done all my down payments in cash, and got the solar loan, etc - were wrong. They seemed to completely misunderstand or misrepresent the way the solar credit works, and there's no way I could've had a loan at the amount they quoted me. I have checked with the bank, and my tax preparer. I'm furious and of course, when I brought it up, nobody's available by phone. The most frustrating, and infurating thing, is, when you are a regular person who works inside your office, every day, and have to go on as usual, you literally have no tolerance for the BS of offices that are work from home, and ok with nobody ever being available during normal phone hours. I'm thinking I may make a claim in court because the way they proceeded feels so willfully incorrect. Their phones will ring and ring and ring and ring and ring out, like it's 1977 and I'm calling a newspaper. What. The. Hell? Also - sales seems, in retrospect, clueless, and their marketing materials are outright lying. They repeatedly called it a tax rebate, and 'instant credit' and lo and behold, it's not those things, it's an offset. It can't be applied to my loan, I had supplied them all my info to verify this back when we were figuring it out at the start, and now I'm over my head in my debts now. Not a good experience. Aside from setup. The contractors seem good. No thanks SunCommon!

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 8194

System price: $24,411

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: No

SunCommon reply 03/11/2022
Jess, thank you for sharing your experience. We're so sorry you are upset and frustrated with SunCommon. Please reach out to our Customer Experience Manager at if you would like to discuss further.