Review for Enphase Energy

Some Guy Named Phil WOODBURY, MN

Enphase "Enlighten" app is a Rubbish Toy

I had Enphase installed with my solar system in October. It's failed 3x, and it is only December. Luckily, this "Enlighten" thing is only a fatuous piece of junk "app" that supposedly monitors your solar production, and doesn't have anything to do with the actual panels or actual production, which is estimated at about 11,000kW/year under "system size" below (wasn't sure what was wanted). The panels are supposed to go 20 years+, but this system can't even make it 3 months. What I especially love is that the first thing you encounter when you are on their website and taking a look at "Troubleshooting" is the question, "Is your internet connected?" I am looking at your website. Duh. Yes, my internet is connected. And no, the panels are not covered in snow. I checked. After digging multiple menus deep, you encounter a series of instructions that involve scrounging around, hitting a complex series of buttons, to get this useless thing back online. So it can go a couple more weeks and fail again. Pointless. I'm giving up on it. I'll get a reading from my power company every month. And just one more point that I'd like to make: There is nothing more odious than a company that employs "marketing" people to reply to negative reviews. I don't want to hear it, and I won't be reading it. These are the facts. Your product stinks. Hire people who are capable of designing decent, working software instead.

System size (kW): 11000

System price: $24,850

Who installed your solar panels?: All Energy Solar

Year installed: 2021

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes