Review for Sun Badger Solar

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Al B Cascade, WI

Decent communication, long install

I picked Sun Badger because they had a good sales pitch and the only other provider in the area did not return my request due a quote. Definitely a slick company. Marketing and communication were very good. It's nice that they take care of everything: subcontractors, permits, rebates, incentives, etc. However, a premium is paid for this. Roughly $23000 of equipment cost $54000 all-in. The install took a very long time. I signed an agreement in February and the system was not powered on until mid September. Also, there is some bait and switch as my system was quoted at 13.2kw, but it's max output at full sun is 11.0kw.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

Sun Badger Solar reply 10/04/2021
We appreciate your feedback and patience during your project’s installation phase. Unfortunately, even though your project was ready for installation in April, our construction queue was backed up which led to a scheduling delay. Once we had an installation date for your project, which was set for early June, your project had a change order take place. Once installed at the end of August, your system was given permission to operate within 1 month! Sun Badger Solar, in no way wants you to feel like you were a victim of bait-and-switch. Your system is producing as expected! Your system is 13.2 kW sized in DC rating. Enphase records energy in AC because it's recording the energy production after it transfers through the inverter. Naturally, there are some losses through inverters, and typically we say you should see your energy production at about 80% of your total system size. Therefore, the 11 kW you see through Enphase monitoring is exactly where the system’s production should be. The system you have installed is producing as predicted, and will continue to bring you savings for many years to come!