Review for Semper Solaris

Office location: 74350 Alessandro Drive, Palm Desert CA, 92260

SGT G Indio, CA

Predatory Company

Semper Solaris is a predatory company. Do NOT do business with them. The only goal of Semper Solaris is to make sales, regardless of the lies or pressure they put on the consumer. As long as they make their sale that is all that matters to them. Semper Solaris DOES NOT care about their customers, period. Being a Combat Wounded Veteran myself, I was eager to give my business to a Veteran owned and operated company. Boy when I tell you I feel ashamed for doing so is an understatement. I called to have a Rep come to my home and explain Solar to me and allow me to make an education decision if solar was right for me. However what I got was bamboozled and pressured into making a decision on the spot or "the great deal" he was offering was off the table. The Rep was pushy and even made me feel guilty for having him at my home and not agreeing to the sale. My tipping point is when he stated my monthly bill would be "about $4 to $8 a month" with the summer months, or high use months, being "about $120". Boy what a crock of lies that was. My bills on average have only lowered by about $30 a month, $30!!!! Now factor in my $200 month Solar finance payment and I am actually spending MORE per month to have solar than I would have without it. It has been about 2 years since I have had the system and I have begged and pleaded with Semper to just give me answers. The only answer they are willing to provide is that it is my Utility Service Providers fault and to take the issue up with them. I have contacted my provider, Imperial Irrigation District, who then passes the blame back to Semper. Finally I had to pretend I was interested in upgrading my system before they sent someone to my home. I felt bad for the new Rep because I ambushed him with print outs of past utility bills and usage reports from the SolarEdge monitoring. After over an hour of him reviewing all of my bills/usage he was perplexed as to why I am getting such high bills and he was convinced something was wrong. He stated that he would push it up to his supervisor to figure out what what was wrong. A few days later I got a phone call, the supervisor had advised the Rep that "he just has a crappy utility company, tell him to vote to get net metering". Several weeks later a sales rep called to see if I was still interested is upgrading my system, I related my experience to her to which she apologized profusely and said she would have a manager call me... I'm still waiting for that call, it's been months. If I could I would rip the entire system off my roof and mail it back to them. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I am reminded about having this system or for ever giving them my business. Now given the recent price increases by my utility company I am still only saving about $30 a month but my bill has gone up over $100 a month. Semper Solaris has put me into a financial hard ship. Shame on you Semper Solaris. V/r US Army VET Purple Heart Afghanistan

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