Review for Energy Consultants Group, LLC

Roy H Marion, IA

Professional, quality installation of our solar electric system

Very happy with our Solar Electric installed by ECG. Owner is passionate about quality and meeting standards and that showed throughout the process. ECG was not the least expensive of the proposals we received, in fact they were the highest cost, but, we had a relatively painless installation and commissioning of the system. One little hiccup when trying to commission the system, found connections not made right during installation, but it was fixed that same day and producing power. Must be patient with this process regardless of vendor, have to get through utility and local inspectors, it took a little over 3 months from start to finish for us. ECG's installation was one day, electrical was one day and then commissioning the system was another day. Most of the rest of the time was waiting for paperwork and approval from utility and some likely waiting for equipment and ECG's workflow. Do some research ahead to have an idea of what panels and systems are available but be open to input during proposals too. The owner provided us a good education and made a great presentation. Any questions were answered quickly, don't be afraid to ask questions, I waited on some and shouldn't have. ECG has a strong local presence and a passion for quality from the owner to the installers and we felt those we important qualities.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support