Review for Titan Solar Power

Jared Katzenbarger

Be warned!

This company will say/do anything to get the job then completely fail in every respect once you sign on the dotted line. Their install crew started much later than promised. Of coarse they blamed COVID, but I very specially asked "with COVID in mind what should I expect." The original crew did a good job initially, then the job was left unfinished, all the original installers, or most, got fired later on from what I hear. The job lagged on for months. Then a generator that was supposed to be installed lagged even farther. The day of the install, much later in time, they said they were installing it without a permit. This is never what I agreed on, so this of coarse they reacted to like it was an "unforeseen" and continued to delay. Installing things in wrong locations, damaging my home then half ass fixing it, changing the strategy then changing back, etc, etc, etc. Long story short, my payment was twice what they quoted, TWICE, they offered to credit me for energy usage for the months the solar was not completed then refused to do so later AND said my tax incentive would be about 5x what it actually was. Recap, took way, way longer, didn't deliver quality, install process was nightmare, mislead or lied about payment and tax benefits and tried blaming me all along the way. I could go on but just a mess. Lie, cheat, and steal. I just don't do negative reviews normally. But I want to warn people of these guys, go somewhere else.

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