Review for Photon Brothers

Office location: 7705 W 108th Avenue Suite 100, Westminster CO, 80021

Simon Westminster, CO

Very happy indeed

I joined a local solar co-op, and the team chose Photon Brothers as the installer based on a fair amount of research by some energetic people. I can't imagine being any happier with the results. Almost everything went perfectly smoothly, and the one hiccough we did experience (the supplier didn't deliver the inverter when they had promised) was handled smoothly and efficiently, and everything was back on track two days later. I know just enough about electrical and electronic engineering to be dangerous, and therefore knew enough to ask irritating questions that normal folks would either not think to ask or the better educated would already know the answers to. As a result I asked a ton of questions, but all of them were answered promptly, helpfully, and with a smile. I'm now a little less dangerous :) Our project team, Eric and Krista, and the site workers who came here were all very friendly, helpful, accommodating, and again, I couldn't ask for more. We even got lucky with the power company who got our new meter installed and signed off in about two days, instead of the expected four to six weeks. Now our electricity meter is running backwards and we're very happy.

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