Review for SunVena Solar LLC

Jenna Kastro

If you want solar panels in your house do it with SUNVENA

We had a wonderful experience with Sunvena! Haines was incredibly helpful in walking us through the process while answering our multitude of questions patiently. Additionally, he was very organized in getting all of the permits completed and sent over in a timely manner which enabled us to have a quick turn-around time with the power company to set up the solar board. The solar installation gentlemen were punctual, professional, and polite. Additionally, a customer satisfaction representative came to our home ( with an appointment) to ensure that we had a positive experience and to iron out any issues if we had any. All in all, we had a fantastic experience with Sunvena and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to have solar panels installed. Thank you, Sunvena! 

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On schedule
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