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They blamed everyone but themselves

All went well until my panels were installed. Then they washed their hands of my job and didn’t here from them any longer. My panels were not turned on. My inspection never turned into the electric company. They disappeared. They were installed around the 20 th of July. It’s now the 3rd of September and I still can not use my panels. They never turned in the paperwork from the inspection or anything after the instillation. They just stopped working on my project. I called and complained for weeks. They didn’t get back to me. I grew very upset and started contacting the electric company. They told me they were waiting on them. I have heard in one month time that it was the electric company’s fault, no it is the inspectors fault, then I got it was My fault. I had to beg them to do something about my project for them to start sending the proper paperwork to the electric company. Now I am stuck paying for the loan for panels and my full electric bill because my panels still have not been cleared to be turned on. If you pay cash, your shit will get done because they want their money. But if you take out their finance loan. They get the money right when the panels are installed. That’s when they stopped working on the project. No follow through

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Sun Badger Solar reply 09/08/2021
We appreciate your feedback in regards to your solar project with us and would like to clarify some of the details you mentioned. You are currently in the review phase, which typically takes 2-4 weeks for utility companies to give permission to operate. This was communicated to you in the beginning of the project during the onboarding session and by email. Unfortunately, in regards to your project, after inspection, the report was not turned over to the utility company by the inspector. The utility company requires this to come directly from the inspector, and Sun Badger cannot interfere with the inspection process. Otherwise we would take over that responsibility and expedite. Unfortunately, the inspector did not do this in a timely manner, and your specific utility company is also notoriously slow on responding to status requests. We have been keeping you updated by emails and phone conversations along the way, but at this point in the project, we have multiple parties involved, and we have been encouraging the inspectors and utilities to move more quickly along the way. We will continue to advocate on your behalf until your system is fully authorized by the utility company. We know that it is difficult to be patient in the last phase of the project, but we know that once your high quality system is turned on you will reap the benefits of going solar for years to come!