Review for Solar Power Pros


Great Experience, Great Performance

After reviewing several installers, I chose SPP because they had good reviews and reasonable contract terms. Most installers had draconian term that I just couldn't accept. It was a great experience. The communication was great. Staff was quick to respond to questions and kept me informed of the schedule and provided me an opportunity to review the design. Everybody was well- qualified at their job. They had a good handle on how the utility company and city building department worked. The application process proceeded without a glitch. The whole process moved quicker than expected. My system was in full operation weeks before I had planned. They installed a SolarEdge inverter and optimizers. This ensures that each panel always produces as much as it can, while the output of a simple series system would have limited output of each panel to the lowest performing panel in the series. The SolarEdge monitoring platform allowed me to look at the output of the whole system and panels individually to verify performance initially and over the years. Update: It’s been 4 1/2 month since my system was installed. My system is still performing great. I’ve been easily able to monitor the performance of my system on the SolarEdge web site. So far, it has produced more electricity than I have used., leaving me to pay only the utility service charge each month. I expect that to change on into the Winter, but the credit I've been building should cover most of the deficit until strong sunlight returns in the Spring.

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