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Unhappy customer Colorado Springs, CO

Disorganized, slow and confused

Bottom line up front: What was supposed to take 1 week (2 at the most) to install turned into over 2 months before my system became operational. Everyone was nice and friendly but it became very obvious early on that the teams really didn't know what they were doing. Delays in getting people to the worksite and then having the panes and equipment stored in my garage for weeks only for them to discover that no one ever bothered to inventory what they brought and they needed to order additional parts. Workers and inspectors showed up at random and no one seemed to be in overall charge. Information was not pushed to me. I had to constantly track down the so called project manager (whom I never met in person) just to find out what was going on. To date, despite my requests, I have no instruction or owner's manuals for anything that was installed. The only thing that was on time during this whole project was getting billed. I am still holding on to my final payment until they replace a battery cover that I watched them drop then try to hammer back out. At the rate this is going it could take another month or more.

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Solar Power Pros reply 09/08/2021
Ouch, this is pretty brutal feedback, but also very detailed and useful, thank you so much for that! This will help us make some updates and changes in our process. We appreciate you taking the time.