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Eric Jacobs Canaan, NY

Best Solar Installer in Columbia County, NY

I had been looking to install solar for about two years and hesitated undertaking this project because I did not know much about the technology and my research pointed to the primary importance of the installation itself. My concern was to find a technically competent and ethically grounded company that would guide me to solar. After having unfruitful conversations with other solar installers, I realized that solar was a discretionary purchase and I needed to be as sure as possible that I was not going to buy any problems; I wondered whether it might be better not to proceed. And then I met Jen from SunCommon; she is a knowledgeable advocate for solar power and a terrific representative of her company. No hustle or sales pitch, much patience, and a willingness to listen to my concerns and wishes. I felt comfortable with her and never felt pressured to sign up on the dotted line. When I eventually did so, it was a four and a half page contract, clearly written, that was fair to both parties and a welcome contrast to other solar contracts I have read, one of them being around sixteen pages long; all these rejected contracts were weighted in favor of the company over the consumer. Not the case with SunCommon; both parties were granted access to a level playing field. When we were in the final planning stage before effecting the installation, I brought to Jen’s attention a safety concern that I believed should be addressed. According to code the solar panels needed to have an emergency cut-off switch located next to my electrical panel, but I pointed out that in an emergency---an extremely rare event such as a fire, which almost always is the result of a faulty installation; again, the install is the most important part of the project---the firefighters would have to gain access to my basement, in what might be a burning house. I strongly suggested that a second emergency cut-off switch be installed on the side of my house facing my driveway, providing easy and safe access to the firefighters. I was not at all surprised that SunCommon readily agreed and such a device was added to the project at no additional cost to me. Put simply, SunCommon cares. And so do the persons who work for it. Josh, who is the lead of an extraordinary install team, was technically expert and his crew knowledgeable and hard working. Moreover, they were friendly and respectful of our home; really good guys. So was Loralee, the Project Manager of the installation; she was patient and ready to accommodate and answer any question before, during and after the installation. It was a pleasure working with her and all her colleagues at SunCommon. I waited a couple of months before writing this review, to see if any problems might develop; none have, but I am confident that should something need be addressed and remedied SunCommon would stand up to the problem without delay or equivocation. SunCommon and its employees earned a five star review.

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SunCommon reply 08/23/2021
Hi Eric, Thank you for taking the time to share such a glowing and thoughtful review! We were honored to have earned your business, and it was a pleasure working with you!