Review for Semper Solaris

Office location: 1805 John Towers Avenue, El Cajon CA, 92020

Mike K. La canada


This is a warning that this company is completely inept. I contracted to have 4 different jobs with them over 14 months ago. The final job (solar and battery installation/operation) was just completed less than 3 weeks ago. However, the key is that they have been fully paid since January 2021. What that means is that I have been paying for solar without the benefits of solar for 5 months. I have been double-billed, by the solar company and the electric company. Now, I get it....every job gets delayed, especially with a pandemic. However, this was not due to any unforeseen delays. The delay was due to lack of licensing and inspection/approval from the city. Again, I know that you're thinking that this is not Semper Solaris's issue. However, this would be incorrect. When I checked with the city, they informed me that they did not have a request for inspection and that they were no notices put forth by Semper Solaris, and this was close to 5 weeks after they completed installation. Once the city inspected, they asked for a couple of clarifications and/or changes. And, true to form, Semper Solaris did not provide the necessary documentation / changes for close to 4 weeks after. At the time, I kept calling and trying to get this resolved with Semper Solaris. I was told that it would be taken care of and that there would be financial reimbursement after all of this was resolved. WRONG AGAIN. After completion, there has been no return texts, emails, phone calls, etc. from Semper Solaris. They have been paid, and no longer care to provide any service, much less communication. To name names, specifically, the customer service department, won't provide any updates. Our sales person, Ross Berman, has not responded to any texts or provide any information. And, the solar project manager, Michael, has never returned a phone call after numerous messages and requests from me. To be clear, all 4 of the projects that I contracted with Semper Solaris amounted to just over $100,000. Yet, it took over 14 months from start to finish, and now I can't get any response from anybody. Again, I would encourage everybody to get a solar system....just not with Semper Solaris. There are many different options, so just choose another one. These guys are not shy about talking about their military backgrounds and integrity. However, they should be ashamed to even evoke any ties to the military, as this is such an offense to the people that serve our country.

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