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Robert H Lower Lake, CA

Unethical Business Practices

This company in my opinion cannot be trusted. They had myself and several of my friends looking forward to having Tesla power wall's installed under the SGIG program. After months of waiting, their sales rep R. Romitti stated the batteries were back ordered and later stated PG&E changed how much I would be reimbursed. Mr. Romitti was also happy to just let me pay the full price. Who knows, maybe all of what Mr. Romitti stated was true, but when he asked me to lie about having sleep apnea to qualify for the Powerwalls, that's when he cross the line. Three of my friends stated he asked them to do the same. Had I done as he asked I'd be guilty of fraud and conspiracy. I'm therefore warning others of these unethical practices and I'm notifying the appropriate State agencies. Also Citadel roofing and solar pulled a permit to have work performed on my property but when I elected not to have them proceed after they changed the deal, they refused to contact the county and have the permit rescinded.

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Citadel Roofing and Solar reply 06/28/2021
Hi Robert – We’re so sorry your project didn’t pan out as planned. Unfortunately, the issues you mentioned are out of our control. The Powerwall shortage stems from problems in Tesla’s supply chain. In addition, we are not a partner of SGIP and therefore cannot control changes to eligibility criteria. These issues have affected many of our customers. We’re just as frustrated as you are. When SGIP changed last fall, our sales reps called all SGIP applicants to reassess eligibility. That included explaining “medical baseline” – medical conditions by which customers could qualify. Citadel does not, and has never, endorsed fabricating medical conditions to qualify for SGIP or any other program. We will investigate your conversations with your rep. If something amiss happened, we will make it right. Please feel free to give us a call at (707) 446-5500 if you want to discuss further.