Review for Renewable Energy Corporation


Excellent Company, Excellent Experience!

This year we decided to add a solar system to our home, so we contacted Renewable Energy Corp (REC) to get an estimate. Their sales representative came to our home and walked us through the process, technology, products, and services they provide. After surveying our home’s installation site and checked the availability of direct sunlight over the course of a day at our location, they provided an estimate that we accepted for a 6kw system. The installation was then scheduled and took two days to complete. REC did all the engineering work, permitting, lined up the county inspection, power company inspection, which included the installation of a new digital meter. They hooked up our WIFI to the solar panel’s microinverter monitoring system and provided us with a smartphone app that enabled us to monitor the energy we were collecting from the sun, which enabled us to start to see the savings! All went very smoothly and quickly to complete the project. They facilitated the application to SREC and provided a closeout package that included the Maryland state subsidy application (all pre-filled out by REC), and IRS guidance on the federal tax credit process. It was a complete turn-key project from start to finish and we was very pleased that REC did everything for us. The quality of their work was top notch and very thorough. They really made sure that we would be 100% satisfied. I am very happy with REC and their personnel who guided us through the whole project before, during and after installation, which elevated my confidence and trust in them. Overall, it was an excellent experience

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support