Review for RevoluSun

JKF Arlington, MA

Very happy with the product

I made my decision to use RevoluSun in part because of Richie Bonney, the sales rep. He's incredibly knowledgeable and really good at answering questions/explaining things and made the other reps look like chumps in comparison (I say this tongue-in-cheek but it' true, frankly). I received 4 solar quotes. While at face value (gross system cost) RevoluSun looked more expensive, when I drilled down into the numbers it turned out to be the most reasonable when comparing KW size to system cost, so I urge folks to look carefully at those components when making a decision. The Solaria panels I got are supposed to be advantageous in part because the rail system holds up to snow and ice expansion/contraction better than traditional systems since there are fewer penetrations in the roof. That makes sense to me, though I can't speak to being able to witness the difference myself, exactly. RevoluSun was responsive throughout the process when I had questions, going through the process of setting up the system with my utility (no small feat), and walking me through the system once I went through my first bill cycle to be sure I understand how to track it and such. All in all I am quite happy with their product. I bought a hybrid vehicle about a month ago and the system easily pays to run that, as well, and I love to get my negative electric bills and checks every month.

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On schedule
Installation quality
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