Review for Emerald Energy

Office location: PO Box 99031, Raleigh NC, 27624

Travis P Durham, NC

We had a great solar installation experience with Emerald Energy

I'm extremely pleased that I picked Emerald Energy for our solar panel installation. They were responsive, completed the job as fast as the process would allow, and did it all without any drama. We are very happy with the end result. We decided to pull the trigger on going solar back in early March and by the middle of May we were up and running. I requested proposals via EnergySage and also contacted a few companies directly. When it was all said and done, I had collected proposals from 9 companies—mostly the usual suspects of NC installers but also a couple of national installers. After narrowing the field down to 3 NC installers, I formulated a list of system specs including a desire to have a system capable of producing 13,000 kWh per year 5 years after installation. All three companies did a great job of updating their proposals to meet my requirements, but Emerald Energy really did the best job of understanding my desires and putting together a great proposal. The team’s young guy, Thomas C, impressed me by figuring out that he could meet my request without even using the roof over the garage of our house. We ended up with a very tidy layout of panels filling up the main portion of our roof and keeping the street view of our house very attractive. When I told them that I thought orienting all the panels vertically would produce the best looking results, they took it to heart and I never had to remind them of that request again. In order to ensure the future production goal, they gave me a great price on today's best panel, REC Alpha Black. Not only did that allow for fewer panels, but that panel has a great specification for its yearly degradation. In other words, they met all my requests and did it for a really good price. The company president, John L, was involved in the whole process and I was especially happy that he visited my house in person. That really put Emerald in the best position to design the best system for our situation. John knocked out the city planning approval and HOA approval with ease. Having John involved so much in the process gave me confidence that everything was going to go smoothly. Our 2-day installation went smoothly thanks to Osmar and Jordan. I asked them to see if they could fit any more panels up their once they got up on my roof with tape measures, and I was glad when they found a spot for a 28th panel. Justin D got me though the inspection process and finalized with Duke Energy very quickly. When I expressed concern about a caulking gap, Justin climbed through the inner recesses of our attic and got made it right. I appreciate the time that Justin took to teach me about the system and describe the future upgrade options if we go for battery backup in the future. Emerald Energy did a great job installing our solar system and definitely earned our trust in each stage of the process.

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