Review for Peak View Solar

A. Ostrander FOUNTAIN, CO

Will not honor warranty - and more.

I do not recommend this company. Their communication is very slow - often often you will have to wait a long time for a response, not get a call back promptly etc.. They also will not honor their warranty now that our batteries have tested to be bad. Peak View was responsible for programing the invertor to not let the batteries get too low - so if they were damaged due to over use - that would be peak views responsibility. They also refused to test them when we asked them to, they just insisted they were fine, and we were just using too much power. They showed deceiving charts showing our power usage and did not take into account that the power usage was ALSO charging the batteries - and if the batteries were bad - not holding a charge - we would use far more power with the sun and our generator constantly trying to keep them charged. Very bad sneaky company to deal with - stay away. All they had to do was honor their warranty - and I'm fairly certain they could have just gone to their supplier to have the batteries replaced, but instead they refused. Future customers beware - find someplace else for your solar needs.

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