Review for Voltage Pros Inc

Office location: 462 Martin Road SE Suite 105, Palm Bay FL, 32909

Stephen Mcclain Sebastian, FL

Customer service second to none!

I had a solar array installed about 2 years ago by Brevard Solar who has since gone out of business.Two weeks ago my inverter flashed an error message and my array shut down. Who do I call?? I e-mailed the salesperson ( John Williams) from the original company with my issues hoping to get guidance. He now works for Voltage Pros. He contacted the inverter company who via wifi determined that the unit was bad. Four days later a new unit was at my door. John then stopped by and installed the new inverter for me. ( The inverter and installation were covered by warranty) To get this superb service from a company I never did business with was truly amazing! BTW in the two years I have had my 8975W array I have yet to incur a monthly bill other than the $9.75 line charge .Most of that cost was covered by the year end cash credit that I got by sending excess power back FPL via net metering.

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