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Sunpro Solar has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service and was ranked #5 for 2020 Solar Power World’s Magazine Top Solar Rooftop Contractors nationwide.

Jarod Dodds
Highlands, TX

NIGHTMARE install... NIGHTMARE company.


Office location: Houston, TX 77086


First- they didn’t send the crews out with proper equipment to install my 77 panels and dig a 150’ foot trench from my barn to my house. If it wasn’t for the scissor lift that I allowed them to use they would have had to carry 77 panels 15’+ to the top of my barn. Also, the electrical design was not the one we had discussed. I had to saw cut my own walkway and replaced concrete because the “electrician” couldn’t get the pipe pushed through. They sent 2 guys to hand dig a 150’ trench from my barn to my house. The conduits were ~6” from the side of my barn then kicked into the panel boxes. The majority of the conduit was less than 8” in the ground. I had to have them come out 4xs to re-dig the trench and backfill properly. The last time they came out they filled the trench with play sand they had bought from HomeDepot. It cost me over $500 to remove the material and backfill the trench. Including putting down new sod. The envoy system that communicates back-n-forth is constantly going in and out of service. I have reported it 2xs already and they have yet to send out a technician. My system was installed December 2020 and it took well over 2 months to get it turned on. My install kept getting rejected because SunPro sent in the wrong pictures and system information to CenterPoint so it was denied. 3-4xs. I was told they were going to cover a couple months of my old electric bill and the cancelation fee but I have yet to see a check from SunPro. I have a 77 panel 100k system and got a $1.50 install. I do NOT recommend this company. As of March 30, 2021 I have yet to my system running and communicating the correct way. 4 month install and counting.

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