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Jonathan Gonzalez Jacksonville, FL

Save yourself some trouble (and a lot of money)

First reason is the cost. At the time I ordered Tesla was not servicing Jacksonville, Tesla is much cheaper, about 35% cheaper. Just so you have an idea, I was supposed to get about 21 panels and 2 powerwalls from A1A Solar and that was going to cost me $50,000. I ended up going with Tesla and got 24 panels and the same 2 powerwalls and that cost me $32,000. Second reason and the most important one is empty promises. I decided to get solar on August 2020, my first and only questions was “am I going to be able to get the system installed before the end of the year so that I can take advantage of the 26% federal tax credit?” I was promised that the system would be installed before December 31st 2020. Of course that didn’t happen, the government extended the 26% until December 2021, but that was recently, at the time that was scheduled to go down to 21%. The thing is, I made a deposit that was fully refundable only for the first 3 days (this was never told to me, not even once) the issue with that is that from the day I signed my contract until the end of the 3rd day nothing happened. By the time I had a reason to cancel it was too late. I got a text and a call from A1A Solar in mid November to tell me that they were not going to be able to install my system before December 31st 2020. Not long after that Tesla started servicing Jacksonville and I decided to cancel since A1A didn’t keep their side of the deal. Of course, when I asked for part of my deposit back (about $2,300) they refused and let me know that I only had 3 days to get the deposit back. I tried to legally fight that with no luck, because it was in the contract, but of course they never mention that, because they know not many people will cancel within 3 days because nothing happens in 3 days, so I had no reason to cancel. Tesla on the other hand, only asks for $100 deposit that is also non refundable, but they do let you know before you make the payment. Note that I only asked for part of my deposit back, because I am reasonable and I know they submitted paperwork to JEA to get permits, which is the only thing they did, because I had to submit the HOA permits myself. So I was willing to leave more than 50% of my deposit with A1A. But they refused. So do yourself a favor, save some money and some headaches and go with Tesla. I won’t be able to get my deposit back, but if I can at least send one person away from A1A, then we will be even. Have a good day!

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A1A Solar Contracting, Inc reply 12/17/2021
EMAIL SENT TO CUSTOMER AFTER DEFAULTING ON CONTRACT: Jonathan, I'm sorry that you have decided to cancel your contract with A1A Solar to go with Telsa Direct. As you said, their prices are very, very low. I'm sorry that Telsa Direct cannot use the engineering, approved permits and approved JEA grid-interconnection documents already prepared by A1A Solar. Concerning your deposit, per state law, any deposits made are 100% refundable within 3 days. After this period, contractors have the right keep any or all funds received in the event a customer defaults the contract. I do thank you for working with A1A Solar as I know you'd be happy with our installation. You've got a nice home and as a fellow Navy man.... Thank you for serving the USA. Best of luck to you and your family, Pete