Review for Energy Consultants Group, LLC


1 year in - very happy

In 2019, as the solar tax credit was about to start its slow march towards expiration, I decided I should look into solar power. I hadn't done as much research as I probably should have and had tons of questions for our first meeting. They stopped out and provided a ton of insights into the process, documented long term pay back, how the loan would work to effectively keep my monthly electric bill on par with what it was prior to the solar install. Note that Iowa has a lot of unique rules and regulations, and that your local power company also may have many rules and regulations and hoops to jump through. The most work I ever did was answer questions, sign some papers, and pay my monthly bill. No up front costs, no dealing with permits, no dealing with the power company. They took me through the whole process (I think Paula gets most of the credit outside of the install!)

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support