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Glendale, AZ

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Office location: Chandler, AZ 85286


I just want to say off the bat- I havenít actually gotten my system installed yet. Iím sure the installation itself will go smoothly, as our insulation upgrades did. Right from the beginning my sales rep was polite, professional, and educational. So because if this I felt good. But I told him I would follow up with him after speaking with my partner and specifically asked he not follow up with me. Which he didnít listen to. He followed up almost immediately. And again. I had to remind him that I asked him not to for which he apologized. And chose again to follow up. While some people may not mind this, for me itís a red flag. My original quote was outrageous! Had I not done more research I would have paid TWICE what Iím paying, which after more research I have found, is still high. Then the design team, designed a layout that put a quarter of my panels on a northwest (roughly) side of my roof. Um okay. Knowing they will work less efficiently. Why would I pay for panels to be placed where they wonít work? What am I going to do with 5 wasted panels? Why would that design pass your guidelines? I had to object and insist they redesign it and find a way to make it work. Interestingly enough, they did. So why didnít they try that design to start?! HUGE red flag! Why would they even feel comfortable selling that design knowing it will not be enough? Now letís talk customer service. My customer concierge was prompt with her pitch that she will be my go to (as was my sales person) and was polite and professional. But then I stopped hearing from her. Weíve been waiting for the permit to go thru. Which I found out actually got approved on 9/11 according to the paperwork on my house. I texted asking for a follow up and heard nothing. So I called today to be told Ďit just went thruí and they will call to schedule the install. Then my concierge called back to let me know they have been waiting on us to sign paperwork that was sent a month ago to a spam folder. Are you serious?! No one followed up about the loan paperwork?! No one told us anything until I called to see what was the delay, and now Iím being blamed for the hold up. Itís true the email was there, but no one thought to call, text, or email a follow up, for a month? I should have paid the $1500 penalty and gone with another company. The best part is, after all that, I finally got a reply to my text message letting me know if I had text them they were having issues and not receiving messages and to call with questions. So Iím going to get this system installed. Btw its a 7.4 system and Iím paying $23k. And Iím going to love having solar and Iím going to pray I donít need any customer service from them for a long time.

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