Review for Artisan Electric

Rancho Poquito Farm Eatonville, WA

Very knowledgeable and efficient team.

We received three bids for solar panels. Artisan was the only company of the three that asked us what OUR solar goals were and did not make assumptions like the other two companies. They then based their recommendations on what our goals were. The project lead worked with us throughout the installation and kept us informed. The only two hitches were that Artisan did not give our podunk utility co-op enough time to order the meter, so there was a couple week wait time to flip the red switch between when the the panels were installed and when he meter was installed. In addition, the installation crew was a little careless and left some installation trash around and trenched our yard and got their van stuck after we had warned them that it was to wet to drive on the grass. Hopefully they learned from these experiences and have improved on them. Overall a great experience though working with Artisan.

Sales process
Price charged as quoted
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support