Review for Oregon Solarworks

Peter Ashland, OR

Oregon Solarworks Turned My Life On!

I live on a beautiful property in the hills above Ashland, far enough from town to be off the grid. For nearly 6 six years I depended on a small generator and a pair of batteries for my electrical needs. Ironically, I learned of Oregon Solarworks through a referral from True South Solar, who told me Kirpal was especially skilled with off-grid installations. It turned out that two adjoining properties already had installations he had done, so I was able to preview my system with a couple of short walks. My neighbors both recommended Kirpal's work highly, so I engaged him to set me up as well. The availability of reliable, full-time, REAL electricity has literally turned my life on. I've installed lighting in a large, previously dark shop space, dusted off my power tools, acquired a few new ones, and am reveling in all I can now do. Of course, any competent solar installer could have brought me this benefit, but it was a pleasure to have Oregon Solarworks be the ones. My system was up and running ahead of schedule, and under budget, just in time to have my generator fail in the face of snow storm. I felt rescued in that moment, and my appreciation for the soundness and reliability of the system they installed has only grown since. I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Kirpal and Oregon Solarworks to anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of solar power done right.

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