Review for AAA Certified Solar

Dr. Kenneth and Monique Westfiel Las Vegas, NV

I would recommend AAA Solar Certified above all companies in NV

During our initial interview AAA Certified Solar explained in detail the installation process from start to finish. This was our second residential system, we used Sunpower by Renewable Energy for our first home. Sunpower may be a large well known manufacturer but they didn't stand behind their installers work and they led us to believe they would honor the warranty provided on our contract. They provided us with the name of the installer so we felt safe because Sunpower was a large company. Sunpower's name was used but the installer was the actual owner of the company who installed the Sunpower panels. Long story short we were defrauded by the installer and Sunpower the manufacturer basically walked away. We learned the priority of your decision should be based on what installation company you want to use. If they are a good company they will use the best products on the market. Working with AAA Certified Solar has been a much better experience, from the beginning they went to extra lengths to make sure they designed a system that worked for us and would be best for our needs. They installed over 80 panels and they made sure the installation was esthetically pleasing, was the latest, cutting edge technology and the system served all our power requirements. They were fair on their pricing, they have been HONEST from start to finish. Their follow-up service has been wonderful. Working with AAA Certified has been a much better experience, we wish we would have met them before using Sunpower by Renewable Energy. We later learned there are so many solar companies that have opened and closed their businesses. After doing some research we found some of the same owners have owned multiple solar companies that have failed and gone out of business. AAA Certified Solar are connected to the community, they give back, they show up when there is an issue and they been under the same ownership and management since opening their doors. The owner has been in the solar industry for over 15 years so he has a wealth of knowledge in the field. Everyone we've talked too has spoken highly of the company which made us realize we were in good hands. After working with AAA Certified Solar it was like night and day when I compare them to our first nightmare experience. I feel comfortable to write this review because the larger companies can mislead you to think they will back the installers using their product. The decision of which company you choose needs to be based on who can you trust to provide a fair price, will complete your system and who will be available after to handle your service needs. It's been 2 years since we installed our newest system. AAA Solar has provided us with updated technology to enhance our system allowing us to track our usage. I can go on but I will close with they are trustworthy and they show up.

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