Review for American Stream Solar, Inc

Carl & Connie Hatton Hillister, TX


Is it strange that the only reviews are at least 2 years old? I had American solar come out, give us an estimate, they listed all of the benefits that we would receive by the savings on our electric bill. They quick to get us signed up, quick to install, quick to get our electric company to install a new meter, was told we could even monitor our savings online.(but no one could tell us how to log on and view it)etc. Then we waited to see the savings. AND WAITED AND WAITED,....We called them , explained our problems, they said they would send someone out to test our system. They came and said there was an error reading and now everything should be okay. Again I asked how I coould go online to monitor...(they would get back with me) saving showing up on energy bill. This continued until evidently they got tired of me calling and sent more people out to check unit. Again, an error reading, card put in...then we waited, waited...again someone came out and FINALLY someone could tell me how to get on to the monitoring system......Out of the 16 months that we have had solar panels, it did not produce ANY for 8 of those months, very little for 4 of those months and 4 months that were between 300k and 400k.. The very best month saved me $8.05 a month (Now mind you I have to pay $73.00 per month FOR THE PANELS.....So, IS IT WORTH IT? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

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