Review for Qcells


Won't honor warranty

I am a solar contractor. I installed a 30 panel ground mount system with these panels. Less than a year later I got a call from the customer saying that one was burnt. I went to check it out and sure enough one of the panel's cells was arching internally, causing the entire cell to burn through. I quickly bought a new panel for the customer and changed it, and began working on getting reinbursed for the panel from Q.Cell. They told me to fill out a formal RMA form, which I did along with numerous emails which all go unanswered. Their 10 year warranty is completely BS. I'll stick with LG who will actually reimburse me for my TIME and HASTLE, as well as give me anew panel. Q.Cell ignores emails and brushes my claims to the side. Thanks for nothing with your cheap chinese junk.