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Green Power Energy handles the complete turnkey solar installation process for homes, businesses, and farms alike. Green Power is based out of The Village Green at Annandale, a solar powered eco-village in Annandale, NJ, with its own 322 kW solar ground mount which powers Green Power Energy’s office. Green Power Energy’s process is completed only by in house employees. We handle everything from the initial sales consultation and design through permitting and installation. Green Power offers an industry leading 25-year warranty and with complimentary follow up support. With Green Power Energy, the approach to each installation is customized and collaborative. Our consultants design the solar arrays themselves and develop a custom purchasing package for each job. Our customers have a say in the final layout, system components, and financing methods. With experience in residential, commercial, and agricultural solar projects, Green Power Energy is capable of all scopes of work. We have installed on asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, ground mounts, and even carports and solar pergolas. In our 10th year in business, Green Power Energy has been named the #1 rated solar company in New Jersey by, and the “Fastest Growing Solar Installer of 2019” by Panasonic. With Green Power Energy, you have the peace of mind of going solar with a reputable, local solar installation company.


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Signed a contract in August. Was promised install would be complete by November. It is now January and I'm still not live. As stated in other comments, absolutely horrible customer service. They state they send you emails that you never receive, put the delay back on you, and also as someone else stated they want their money before the final inspection. We are in New Jersey, you get paid when you pass your final inspection. Installation is not complete until you PASS INSPECTION. Since final inspection, I was told someone from ACE would come out and put their panel on and I would be live. Well, it is now January 18th and still don't have the panel. I'm now being given excuses about ACE's backlog. Additionally, here we go again with the email excuse. "we sent you an email on three occasion with the docusign and you haven responded". Nope, no emails, finally I called them and asked for it to be sent again. Finally got it, it literally took 2 seconds for the docusign. I guess the thought of calling the customer and letting them know they are waiting on a document never crossed anyone's mind because they already are paid in full. So here I now sit, solar is not live and I have a $630.00 electric bill for December and am living on SSD. Thanks guys, I guess I'll figure something out.


Hi Donna, sorry to hear about your experience. We wanted to let you know that your loan payments for the solar system do not start until mid-February. We just confirmed with your utility that they are scheduled to install your net meter before then. If you have to make a payment before the system is live, we will pay for your first month’s loan payment. We don't want any delay, utility or otherwise, to impact you financially. Once the system is turned on, we will reach out to you to provide the complimentary system walkthrough to setup your system monitoring and SRECs.

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