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Solar rep Dale Groat, stop by my home on a cold call. I dont normally speak with solicitors but, on this day I allowed Dale to make his pitch. My average usage wasnt very high but, I decided to give a solar a shot anyway. As I understood, the costs/ payment on the new solar system would essentially average out to be the same amount I was paying PGE monthly. While working with the Future Solar staff I found them to be knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The process start to finish took about 4 weeks, and this included but, was not limited to the paperwork, installation, city inspections and PGE connectivity. Upon receiving my first full months PGE bill it appeared for the same period from last year, to be an estimated reduction of $140.00. However, the Net Energy Meting (NEM) charges appear to have accrued for this month and showed a balance of $80.32. So, I believe the real tell tell story regarding the cost savings will be more apparent once I receive the true-up bill in July 2020. I am looking forward to seeing what my overall costs/ savings will be once I receive my true-up bill from PGE in July 2020.

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