Review for LightWave Solar

Willi Nashville, TN

new solar installation

The Lightwave Solar team was amazing, fast, and reliable. First, they used an electronic devise (fish eye) to assess the best position for the solar panels on our roof that is partially shaded by large trees. This devise can calculate the amount of sunlight on a particular spot over the different seasons of the year. The panel connectivity, function of optimizers and inverter module were explained in detail. After the contract was signed, a crew came a week later to install the system and integrate our 5 older solar panels. Remarkably, one of the workers found a squirrel nest under one of them and because the mother ran off into our woods, took the three tiny babies home and nourished them until they could survive on their own. The Lightwave Solar office helped to speed up the testing and contract signature by NES as well as the System acceptance by TVA (which usually takes quite a while). This team interacted extremely efficiently and professionally with me as customer. new

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